March 22nd, 2009

Master and Doctor

Two videos worth your time

A trailer for Wall-E cut with the Watchmen trailer music.

which is strangely affecting.

And possible the most impressive thing you will ever see involving sheep:

I really would have bet that some of that was impossible.

Recommendations for a under-TV video player?

I want something that I can bung under my TV that will run XBMC.  At the moment, the best bet is the Apple TV, for which the only problem is that it's two years old and will only support 720p.

On the other hand, my TV also only supports 720p.

Anyway - in an ideal world I'd have a tiny PC under there - but finding something I can buy off the shelf for £200-odd pounds that will run silently, has HDMI output and a remote control is tricky.  The reason I like XBMC is that it supports SMB shares and plays FLV, mov, and pretty much every other format under the sun.  If someone has a better bit of kit then I'm open to suggestions!