March 16th, 2009


Civilization Admission

I own Civ 4.

I think I played it for about 15 minutes before feeling like it was going to take days of feeling stupid before I reached anythign approaching "fun", as it looked like a board game designed by someone who had a fetish for producing infinite numbers of rules.

Did I get the wrong impression?  Is there an easy way to slide into the game without feeling like a complete idiot?

I'm so much of a casual gamer nowadays (playing for a few hours a week, if I'm lucky) that I need something that I can get to grips with fairly easily.  I don't mind playing long games in small bits, but I do need something I can enjoy without doing a course in it.  If this is possible with Civ 4 then I'll give it another go...

Morning Conversations

Julie (waking up): I dreamt that I had an affair with Bill Murray, and you forgave me.
Andy: Well, it _is_ Bill Murray. Who wouldn't forgive you?
Julie: It only lasted an hour.
Andy: So, not so much an affair as sex.
Julie: We never actually had sex.
Andy: So, not so much an affair as a hug.
Julie: *goes back to sleep. Probably to go back to Bill Murray and tell him she's changed her mind...*

Pay details

I just had the usual debate in my head about this one, especially in the current climate, and decided that as I believe that _all_ salary information should be public that transparency is the order of the day.

I just got my end of year pay/bonus information:
8% pay rise to £35,645
9% bonus of £2,998

This continues the pay rises I've been getting which average out about 9% a year.  I must be doing something right!

I feel a conflicting set of emotions about this - happy that I'm doing well (that pay rise is well above the average), guilty that I earn a fair bit more than most of my friends, pleased that I can now afford to sort out a bunch of my plumbing, and buy a new cooker.

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