March 14th, 2009


World Of Julie

Julie: Don't ever buy me a hundred red roses.
Andy: *stares at Julie, trying to work out under what circumstances he might have even considered doing that*
Julie: Just give me the two hundred and fifty pounds.
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Dice Wars!

A risk-like where the computer rolls the dice for you.  And the armies are all dice.  And you get more dice, the more territories you hold.

Actually very addictive, and nicely balanced.


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Soccer Archery

Computer game recommendations

Julie and I have been playing Settlers IV with each other.

It's good fun, but intermittently flaky, and it's hell losing half an hour of gameplay when it goes titsup.

Anyone care to suggest an RTS we might enjoy?  Julie definitely prefers building up her peoples over charging in and attacking - so games that emphasise exploration/maintenance are preferred (combat is fine, there should just be more to the game than that).