February 26th, 2009


Morality and Politics

I was about to do a poll linking whether people thought of themselves as generally quite moral or not, and whether they were left or right wing.

And then I remembered that I have about 4 right-wingers on my journal.

Oh well.

You can have this instead:

Christian Bale

The Prestige
The Machinist
American Psycho

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 2-26-2009


My stats seem to be broken

So I was looking at some browser market share stats to see how Google Chrome was doing, and noticed that IE6+IE7+IE8 is now at 44.8%, while Firefox is now at 45.5%.

Which would be the first time that Firefox has been the leading browser.

Until I realised that the stats I was looking at were for w3schools.com, a website for people who are interested in web development.

Popping to some more normal stats showed that Firefox was on 18% versus 76% for IE6+7.

Oh well, the rejoicing can wait for a year or two.
it must be true

Potter Ages to Death

The dates of the final three Harry Potter movies have been announced:
Half-Blood Prince: July 2009
Deathly Hallows I: November 2010
Deathly Hallows II:  May 2011

Which is 9 and a half years after Philosopher's Stone came out.

Daniel Radcliffe was 12 at the time, a year too old to be HP.  He's now going to be four years too old to play him.  I wonder how obvious the age difference is going to be.  When it's over someone should do a montage from the eight movies.

(Emma Watson was the right age, and is now three years too old.  Rupert Grint was two years too old and is now five years too old. Richard Harris started off very old and is now Michael Gambon.)