February 12th, 2009


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 2-12-2009

  • Huzzah - 12 minutes off of the London->Edinburgh trip.
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  • Not that it should have to defend itself. It's a fantastic idea!
  • At Linköpings University Hospital in Sweden, radiologist Anders Persson dissects cadavers without lifting a scalpel. Using magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, he captures thousands of images of a body, from head to toe. A computer then assembles the pieces into a stunning 3-D postmortem portrait in which structures are differentiated by hue and opacity: Bones appear white and opaque; organs, a translucent red. Virtual autopsies reveal evidence that ordinary examinations often miss, like gas trapped inside wounds, which can show the path of a bullet or knife blade. Swedish police have used the images in more than 300 murder cases. Bonus: They're easier for jurors to understand (and stomach).
  • This is looking worse and worse as it goes along. I might wait to see what my friends say before deciding whether to watch it...
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  • Men are still twice as likely to climax as women during casual sex. But the good news is that it's not because they don't know what they are doing. They don't pull their weight because, according to one guy interviewed by The Daily Beast, 'no one makes them', and basically, during casual sex they just don't care. The article goes on to cite new academic research explaining that within relationships, women orgasm about 80% as often as men. But in casual hookups, the number drops to half as often--and only a third as often in first-time encounters.
  • FiveThirtyEight.Com seems to have gone into economics. This will keep me very happy.
  • Hardback have apparently stayed relatively in line with inflation - paperbacks are up by 40%
  • Nom!
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  • Women who drink two or more cans of per day are nearly twice as likely to develop early kidney disease as those who do not. The study found an elevated risk of kidney disease specifically for women, and not for men, who drink diet soda.
  • I yawned my way through half of this...
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  • I want a narwhal!
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  • "It can energise or relax. It can foster a sense of playfulness or release anger and tension. It can also help in the conquering of social isolation and the building of positive relationships." One patient, an alcoholic, told Simon her drumming sessions had helped her so much it had given her the inspiration to continue with a gruelling detox course.
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