February 4th, 2009


Where I am

Google just updated Google Maps for Mobile with Latitude - which allows for real-time location updates for your friends.

Feel free to add me - you'll need to be using Google Maps for Mobile to make use of it, I dunno if you can add people other than through that, but if you find a way then say!

Once you have people friended you can also keep track of them through iGoogle:


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 2-4-2009

Fight Calvin

There are bound to be some experts on my friends list

I was chatting to palmer1984 about job security and price/wage controls. And this triggered a vague memory that ended up with me reading about Flexicurity, which is the model used by Denmark.

In which it's very easy to lose your job - but also very easy to gain another one - their unemployment rate was only 2.8% last year - but the benefits they pay are very high, and their welfare and health systems are both highly developed.

This is paid for by a high rate of tax - 25% VAT and income tax that varies from 42% (lowest band) to 63%.

Which seems like a reasonable price to pay for having the highest levels of income equality in the world, as well as being ranked the happiest for three years running,the most peaceful and the least corrupt. Oh, and free university education (I think - not 100% on that).

Anyone know more about the way it works?  It sounds awfully appealing...