January 27th, 2009

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I don't remember posting this

Reading the article here I went through a variety of stages.  At the end of page one I felt that I would rather be dead than be in the same situation as Clive, trapped in a world that I could not understand, constantly living in terror and incomprehension.  And then by the end of page two I felt that maybe it would be something I could live with.  And then by the end of the article I just didn't know.

It's a fascinating piece, and it highlights just how fragile the world we live in is, dependent as we are on a small and easily damaged lump of grey porridge-like good.

On the balance of things

I would rather be alive and in that situation
I would rather be dead

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Cheers to drplokta for this graph:

which shows mortgage payments versus income - a more useful way of telling whether house prices are high.  Which they clearly still are (and that graph doesn't go past 2005, so there's more overheating there) - but the swings aren't quite as severe.

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לעולם לא עוד

Several years ago some members of my family and I went in search of my father's missing family.

They'd gone missing about 65 years ago.

Well, I say missing. The location of some of them were very well documented.

The Nazis were good at that kind of thing.

We visited Theresienstadt, before carrying on to Prague and then Brno, that being where my grandfather's family had come from. I learned that he had had a family from before he fled to England, and that most of them had not survived. We visited the Pinkas synagogue, where the names of the dead are inscribed, and take up more space than you can comfortable imagine.

We went over the border into Poland, and visited Auschwitz, a harrowing day that was lightened only by the telling of jokes in awful taste on the walk back from the gas chambers to the car.

Because sometimes you can either laugh or cry, and at that moment we chose to celebrate life.

Some day, I hope to make the journey again. I was too young then to fully appreciate it, and I would like to see it again with new eyes.

Today is Holocaust memorial day, and I am remembering.