January 24th, 2009


State of the nation

New Economics Foundation (NeF), found UK residents were among the sixth happiest nations. Data from more than 40,000 interviews from the 2006/07 European Social Survey was used to draw up the table.

The UK was among the bottom four of the 22 nations on the basis of feelings of trust and belonging, including how close they were to their neighbours. Britons also recorded the second lowest energy levels in Europe and were fourth highest when it came to feeling bored.

The Nef researchers said the UK's poor performance on this "key element of social well-being" was indicative of a "highly individualistic culture". The Nef said the results show UK government policies have focused too much on economic growth at the expense of overall well-being.

"The UK's long hours culture and record levels of personal debt, have squeezed out opportunities for individuals, families and communities to make choices and pursue activities that would best promote personal and social well-being."

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The goals of man

☑ Don't get eaten by a lion ☑ Get out of Africa ☐ Get out of Earth ☐ Get out of Solar System ☐ Get out of Galaxy ☐ Get out of Local Group ☐ Get out of Earth-Visible Universe ☐ Get out of Universe

Neurons firing is something even a slug can do, and has as much to do with thinking as walls and doors have to do with a research institute.

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