January 19th, 2009


What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they'll keep being wrong!

Inspired by hfnuala's post - I noticed a few months ago that my argument style was changing - particularly who I was willing to spend time arguing with.

When I spent more time on small communities it felt more worthwhile trying to solve disagreements with people. When I'm sharing the internets with a few billion other people it seems a tad wasteful to spend my time trying to convert them all to Duckerism.

Hence the following poll, where I've moved from (1) to somewhere between (2) and (4) depending on the subject. I still find I get a fair bit out of some disagreements - if nothing else the 120-odd comments on lizzie_and_ari's journal recently helped me get my own feelings straight in my head and exposed me to differing ones.

When it comes to LJ I will attempt to discuss/disagree with

anyone who is wrong. Damn them and their wrongosity!
people I don't know who seem to be open to persuasion.
people I am online friends with.
people I am IRL friends with.
nobody at all.

Oh, and obviously this will vary for others too - I am sure that there are _some_ people you know IRL that you shy away from arguing with, I'm more thinking of general tendencies.