January 16th, 2009


How to increase serotonin in the human brain without drugs

Fascinating paper here.
Some of the ideas:

  • Self-induced changes in mood can influence serotonin synthesis. This raises the possibility that the interaction between serotonin synthesis and mood may be 2-way, with serotonin influencing mood and mood influencing serotonin.

  • Bright light is, of course, a standard treatment for seasonal depression, but a few studies also suggest that it is an effective treatment for nonseasonal depression and also reduces depressed mood in women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder and in pregnant women suffering from depression.

  • Exercise improves mood in subclinical populations as well as in patients. The most consistent effect is seen when regular exercisers undertake aerobic exercise at a level with which they are familiar.

  • Diet. But be careful - some of the things you may have been told increase serotonin in the brain don't actually...


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Things that annoy me #72341 Dual Fuel Cookers

My cooker sucks.  The gas temperature in the oven is wildly variable, both compared to what I've set it to and in different parts of the oven.

I thought I'd get a dual fuel cooker - gas for the hob, electric for the oven - this seems to give the right combination of control and efficiency.  And then I discover that since the start of 2008 cooker being installed in a flat must have a Flame Safety Device, to stop you burning the whole building down. 

Which is fair enough - except that I can get a normal dual-fuel cooker for £230 - but the cheapest one with an FSD is about £600.  Not that the FSD is expensive, it just seems that they didn't both adding them to the cheap range of dual-fuel cookers, just the expensive range.

Which means I can get a reasonably cheap gas cooker with an FSD (again, about £230), or a ridiculously expensive dual-fuel one - but nothing in the middle.

This is clearly ridiculous - and I wonder how on earth things got into a stupid state like this.

Any suggestions?