January 2nd, 2009


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Do yourself a favour

This is the list of the top 500 most common passwords.  These are the ones that the bots try _first_ when they're trying to hack your account.

If you have any of these passwords, for God's sake change it.

Two things that make me happy

1) Foxmarks.  I have password synchronisation set up, so when I created an account on the Forbidden Planet website this morning on Julie's desktop and then accessed it from my laptop it filled in my password for me.  Very neat.

2) I have a subversion repository set up on berlios.de - which means the code I'm working on is now under version control.  It makes me about three orders of magnitude more comfortable to take code completely apart and put it back together - really hacking it about - knowing that I can revert to a working version at any point.  I'd forgotten how much more relaxed it makes me having a version control system in place.  Wish I'd done it weeks ago.

In fact, that second point highlights a reason I'm a computer geek, rather than one who enjoys working with electronics, or some other physical thing - I break things easily, because I like playing about with them and I'm careless.  Computers have an undo button, the rest of the world does not...