June 26th, 2008


Unique Things I've Done Meme

Propagated by electricant
Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done.
Indulge in remorse if someone calls you out on a listed item.

1) Shot Gary Numan. Admittedly it was with a laser-pistol, but frankly that just makes it _more_ futuristic. (Charity game of Laser Tag I was helping organise).

2) Worked in the IT department at Sandhurst, helping high-up Army people get their computers running. Admittedly only for four weeks, but I did rather enjoy it.

3) Sat on a shark. Only a little one (about a foot long), and it was by accident, as it swum under me while I was kneeling down on a deep dive in Cyprus. Still - gave me a heck of a shock!
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Calling all Edinburgh Students!

I have a huge request.

For Julie's PhD, she needs about 400 students to fill in a questionnaire. She's got 95 replies at the moment. If you know anyone who is a student in Edinburgh could you forward this on/ask them if they have a spare 15 minutes to fill in her online questionnaire at www.juliesresearch.com .

There will be a prize draw for £20 in cash on the 31st of July. This questionnaire is for any student, undergraduate or postgraduate.</pre>