January 1st, 2007


This is me

Doesn't hit me so often any more. But if someone says "In 2000" I still think of it as a far-flung future year, full of flying cars, shiny catsuits and personal robots with their sarcasm circuits turned up to 11.

Also, this strip got mentioned a couple of times last night at the party:

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obey the penguin

Starting the New Year the way it's supposed to be

I have, so far, two entries in my New Years "Things to do" list. The second one is "Write a Livejournal client" - something which got started yesterday afternoon, and has been continued this morning.

I've mostly spent the time learning a bit about XML-RPC, finding a handy framework for doing such with C#, and playing around with it until I could get _something_ working. As of five minutes ago I finally have it sending a valid login request and retrieving a list of friends groups and journals with posting access.

The finished product will, eventually, allow you to edit friends lists in a much more usable way, as I'm forever pissed off with the limitations of both the website and the semagic client. This will have to wait, however, as I'm now going to grab a quick shower and head into town.
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