December 24th, 2006


Christmas Loot

diotina was just disbelieving of the fact that my family opens their presents on Christmas Eve. I had to point her at the Wikipedia entry, which shows that people open their presents on all sorts of days. My family's tradition stems from my Austrian grandmother (now sadly passed away).

We exchange presents

On Christmas Eve during the day
On Christmas Eve after dark
Christmas day in the morning
Christmas Day during the day
Christmas Day after dark
Never! Christmas Sucks!

This Christmas, I got:
100 Suns (a collection of Atomic Bomb Test photography)
The Complete Indigo Prime (a strip from 2000, now finally collected)
DMZ (can't remember why I wanted this TPB, but it looks kinda cool)
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (a graphic novel memoir of coming out that got good reviews)
Kingdom of Heaven - Director's Cut (because when I saw it at the cinema it had clearly been hacked to bits)
The I.T. Crowd (because 5 people phoned me up when it came out, including two exes, and told me they'd made a TV show with me in it).
Buddhism Without Beliefs (which segue's nicely into the atheism debate I'm still having)
Prometheus Rising (which was on my wish list to remind me to pick up a 5th copy, the first four having all been lent to people and not returned)
Brain Strain - the lateral thinking game (Oooh, games and thinking at the same time!)
Zelda - Twilight Princess for the Wii.

I'm almost supposed to be getting a Wii, but it failed to arrive on time, so it'll be following me back to Edinburgh by post...

Lots of rolling around in geeky fat loot for me!