December 18th, 2006


Bruce Willis for teh win!

Live Free Or Die Hard.

Apparently Bruce Willis will be trying to Do Something and other people will be trying to Stop Him. In addition there will be explosions. And car crashes. With the high possibility of people being shot. Should you have been expecting anything else, you have clearly not been paying attention. Should you have been expecting it to be great, you were probably not paying enough attention to numbers 2 and 3..

Interestingly different standards

laserboy was being somewhat irate last night over the BBC using the headline Little Britain star Lucas 'weds' - specifically, putting 'weds' in quotes, because it's a civil partnership, and not a marriage. They also don't use the phrase "civil partnership", instead preferring to put "marriage" in quotes.

The Guardian, on the other hand, happily uses the word wedding repeatedly. They don't use the word "marriage"at all, presumably because they trust their audience to know what a civil partnership is.

Anyone know about this stuff, and willing to say whether the word "wedding" has a legal meaning. Marriage/Civil Partnership definitely do, but is referring to a civbil partnership ceremony as a wedding techincally wrong in some way? I suspect that after a while the quotes will just vanish, and they'll be referred to as weddings generally anyway. As they already would be if the government had just bitten the bullet and brought in gay marriage as they should have done in the first place.