December 15th, 2006


Geek Joy!

Long week (including an 11 hour day on Wednesday) is now over, and I spent the evening largely tired and grumpy - although an episode of Alias with Ed helped significantly. Amusingly, I noticed that one of the hackers in the episode was played by Kevin Mitnick, who had to do the scene with a fake computer, as he was banned from using a real one at that point...

Geek Sorrow

The Tivo seems to have died. Not sure when - it was working yesterday, and today it is turning on, but there is no hard drive noise. I'll have to get some torx screwdrivers, open it up, and see if giving things a clean and prod sorts it. If not then it's time to upgrade to a TVDrive - something I'd been considering anyway, because using Telewest's Video On Demand didn't work well with the Tivo, because it expected to be able to change channel whenever it felt like it.

Tis a shame, because the Tivo interface is so nice, but it's not worth paying a load of money out again for second-hand Tivo, when I can get something reasonable for much less.