December 13th, 2006


By the power of...

As happens when two or three gamers get together, last Thursday's game had a terribly geeky discussion when Neil asked what Power Word I'd most like to have. "Power Word XXX" is a staple of DnD - a holy word that causes some kind of intense effect to occur. The canonical examples are "Blind", "Kill" and "Stun" which, while succinct and to the point are hardly blindingly creative.

Neil's own choice was, predictably, "Power Word: Poop", on the grounds that he's never going to get his hands on an actual bowel disruptor.

My own choice at the time was the ever-so-witty "Power Word: Shut-the-fuck-up" - which would cause the target to stop spouting whatever vile nonsense they were in the middle of. I then proceeded to use it repeatedly throughout the evening, despite Meredith's assertion that Shut-the-fuck-up wasn't strictly a word, being more of a phrase. Of course, STFU _is_ a word (as is "Silence", but that would just be dull), which led me onto the idea of "Power Word: IMHO", which would cause the subject to instantly realise that they weren't actually pronouncing God's Own Truth and were, in fact, just giving their opinion.

Later on I came up with "Power Word : Khaaaaaaaaan!!!!!" which would allow you to gain the upper hand over your worst enemy, at the cost of your recently-discovered son (hey - sometimes you need to make sacrifices to get what you want).

Coming up with an effect for "Power Word: Kanedaaaa!" and "Power Word: Tetsuooooo!" is left as an exercise for the reader.

Which leads me neatly onto the poll:

I would choose the power word (and description)

But a cooler/funnier one is

Dr Who

I'd buy _that_ for a dollar

I was asked circa 1994 to pitch for a book that never happened: BLACK PANTHER 2099. I ended up interpolating some of it into my DOOM 2099 run. I'm just wondering where I filed the pitch document.

I remember it revolving around T'Challa X, clone-descendant of the contemporary Black Panther, and his targetting of 2099 America as the source of all evil in the world, causing Black Panther Cells to be formed in the USA as subversive guerrilla troops dedicated to the downfall of the government. No wonder it wasn't bought, really.

I seem to recall all the chapter titles were taken from Bobby Seale's book and statements from Public Enemy. I do wonder what I did with that...

From the latest Warren Ellis email update at Bad Signal.