December 10th, 2006


Tappity Tappity Tap

Very good night last night. Started off a bit crap, with no good music, and not many people about I knew. The situation improved over time, when I chatted to ami_bender for the first time in ages (discovering both what Burning Man was like for him, and where my Tick comics have been for the last 8 years) and neriedes (who is clearly suffering from Scottish Darkness Disorder) and anjylle about her new course which sounded very cool. And then either the music improved or my taste lowered, because I ended up dancing for about an hour straight, completely fucking my neck up to the Redline/Whiteline version of Jesus Built My Hotrod. Unexpectedly, marrog appeared on the dancefloor at about 1am, accompanied by other members of her band, and proceeded to clearly enjoy herself without taking any of the music even slightly seriously, which was great fun.

Today I ache in various ways, and am off to play board games with Hugh, Neil and laserboy, and then to Pan's Labyrinth at 5:20 with tisme, eduard_green and (possibly) neriedes. All in all I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend. Now if I can just get an early night tonight, I might even be able to catch up on my sleep and be able to think straight tomorrow!