December 6th, 2006


Are you on the bus, or off it?

Shortbus is out now. I really fancy it, but have a slight dilemma - it's got a lot of actual sex in it. I don't fancy seeing it by myself, and I'm also feeling wierd about going to see it with just one other person. For some reason I'd feel happier going with a group of people - so does anyone else fancy going to see it? And if so, are they free this Friday, or any of next week?


Considerate Leader

Which is fascinating. I did it twice, making it clear the second time round that my confidence isn't _that_ high. It doesn't seem to believe me though.

Very nicely done quiz though.

Ask the audience

One of the questions in the quiz was "Do your friends think you're shy?" And I wasn't sure, so I asked all the people online on MSN, who _all_ answered "Yes. And No." Apparently I'm outgoing, for a shy person. Or something.

Oh, and when I was at the MoBex party last weekend Morag was introducing people with a brief sentence about each one (my idea) and got stuck when she got to me. I'd love to hear what she'd have said if I wasn't there, but in any case, I'm intrigued to know how people see me, so drop a few keywords into the textbox below. And don't worry _too_ much about offending me...

Is Andy shy


I consider Andy to be...

One of the things I like about the quiz I did earlier is that you can easily compare your results with other people - clicking on the link shows the percentage scores for all the personality types it rates, so you can pull up multiple people's results and see whose more fascist than you are (*waves to octopoid_horror*).

A failing of Livejournal

The new notification system will tell you when you've been friended, but not when you've been unfriended.

Which means I'm currently subscribing to an external source which grabs a copy of my friends list, compares it with a cached copy, and tells me if someone unfriends me. (You can subscribe to it here if you really care, or subscribe to your own by looking at the RSS url and replacing my username with yours).

Anyway - this is _hideously_ inefficient. The data goes from the LJ database, out to a third party, and then back again, so I can see information LJ could just supply to me. Why is this, exactly? Some kind of security by obscurity?

Hell - I think I'm off to post this to lj_dev and see if I can get a straight answer there!