December 4th, 2006


Being the Events of 7:30 of The Morning

She pushes the door open as hard as she can
and strides into the bedroom
fixes me in the eye
and miaows once.

She turns and strides out of sight.
I hear the patter of paws on the kitchen floor
and the thoughts, clear in her head
"Maybe _now_ he'll bring me my breakfast."
cat chases butterfly

Other Events of The Night

Fell asleep listening to winds battering the window - which could only have been improved by thunder and heavy rain, my favourite night time music.

Ed and Padmini had returned a few minutes before, and told me that when they crossed the park on the way back the wind damn near knocked them off their feet.

And apparently on Saturday night the winds in the South of England and Wales reached close to 100MPH.

It's calmed down a bit, but I'm not sure I want to venture out to work in this...