December 1st, 2006

House with a silly face

Gaming writeup

I'm currently playing an Amber game. Over a dozen players, but mostly not all there at the same time. We had a two session adventure this week, which I ended up writing up for the mailing list.
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Sunrise, Sunset

One of the things people don't realise about Scotland is that, being 400 miles North of London dusk and dawn vary considerably more.

At the moment, Dawn is at 8:19am, and dusk is at 3:44pm, giving us under seven and a half hours of day. In London dawn is 7:45 and dusk is at 3:55 - an additional half an hour. Not only that, but the sun rises noticeablt less far over the horizon, meaning that in the centre of town there are places where the sun just never hits for a few months.

I can't find a calculator that will let me put a date in, but the site here tells me that over the next month my hours of daylight are going to drop to seven. Which frankly isn't enough.

The plus side is that in the summer the day lengthens to over seventeen hours. And in fact, one a nice day in the summer the glow is rising over the eastern horizon around the same time it finishes dropping the other side, and the sky never loses the blue-ish glow of dusk, even after midnight. I've watched dawn from the top of Arthur's Seat on midsummer's day a few times. Might have to do it again this year.