November 24th, 2006

Dr Who


Having cleared my backlog of defects at work, I'm finally going to be throwing myself into new development work, which will be a nice change.

And then I'll be fleeing early, leaping on a train to Glasgow, and meeting ninox for a bit to eat before she drags me to the pub for a few hours.

Saturday will hopefully be spent up a hill with marrog, thorn11 and Anita WINOLJ. And possibly dancing later, but I haven't actually looked into what's on - anyone know?

Sunday is largely clear, except for popping over to thishardenedarm's place for a spot of dinner and computer-fixing.

All of which seems to be a nice mixture of stuff and spare time, with enough gaps between the people for me to recover, and enough people between the gaps to avoid boredom/loneliness :->