November 20th, 2006

Big Grin


Today at 3:45, I had a conversation with my tech-lead that went something like this:

"I've investigated the problem with the wossname. Thingy. Place where stuff we do gets recorded. Logging thingy. It keeps truncating the stuff. Um. Stuff.... that tells us where the problem was. Bugger this, I feel like shit. I'm going home."

Strangely, I had just managed to fix the problem where stack traces were being truncated by our logging database, as soon as they hit a new line. It just took me about 4 times as long as it should do.

And I don't even feel _that_ bad - just bad enough that I was glad for enough flexi-time to allow me to head home early.

Nobody about this evening though, and my body just feels _drained_, so I'm feeling somewhat down and miserable. Not at all like the icon

In a moment I'm going to summon the energy to put a wash on, and then plonk on the sofa with a blanket and see what's on to entertain me.

Send dancing girls. Quiet ones.
Big Neil


I find myself frequently conflicted - wanting both something and its opposite. Wanting time to myself and company, things to amuse me and peace from responsibility, food _and_ weight loss. You know, stuff and other incompatible stuff.

Generally speaking, I strive for balance, because I've noticed that people who let them go too far one way or the other in pretty much anything don't find happiness in it. You need the occasional time in the extremes, which is where the fun is, but you also need time in the centre, which is where contentment is.

You have to, in other words, be moderate even in your moderation.

(The photo is of somethingbrutal - I was cutting it to size for him, and it ended up on my userpic list. And I like it, so until he complains about it, I'm keeping it)
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And one more before I go to bed

Should you be the kind of person who likes Harry Potter (and I'm fairly sure there's at least two of you on my friends list) you can find the teaser trailer for the new film here. Not due out until July sadly.
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    Delerium - Inner Sanctum