November 11th, 2006

south park

Looking for stats

Just been reading about the Drax power station. There have been protest recently because it produces a lot of CO2. What's not being mentioned is that it's a massive power station that also produces a vast amount of electricity, and is one of the cleanest coal-powered stations in the UK. What I'm interested in is the amount of CO2/MW that electricity production results in, for different power stations. According to Wikipedia, Drax produces 20 million tonnes of CO2 and 3945 MW of power - that's 5070 tonnes per MW. Is that more than your average plant? Less? Anyone?

Killing time, cos it's better than living

I was chatting to octopoid_horror the other day about TV series that outlive their welcome and pad themselves out with pointless filler, and how we'd both rather have shorter seasons of actual decent episodes, as well as series that ran for a limited length and then stopped, which would (a) make the series better and (b) make room for more different TV shows. And then I bumped into this piece from New York Magazine called "How to fix shows like 'Lost'" which put it very well, culminating with the following question:

Which would you rather tune in to

a brand-new mystery from the creators of Lost, that entirely satisfying and thrilling limited-run series you loved?
Yet another season of Lost, that show that started out so well but is now meandering all over the damn place?

In other news, today's Cthulhu session answered the question of "What would be the best school motto in the world, ever?" with "Destroy All Monsters" - anyone fancy translating that into Latin for me?