October 27th, 2006


Questions from rosamicula

1. What three character traits or physical features would you like your fairy mother to have given you?
Resisting the urge to choose superpowers, I'll go for:
a) Better eyesight. I object to having the choice between wearing glasses or putting things in my eyes. I tell ya, the second I can replace them with video-cameras I'm _there_.
b) More willpower. I have lots of projects where I've had ideas, or made a start, and then never got them finished. Being able to push through the boring bits would definitely make me feel better about myself.
c) Higher sex drive. Not that mine hasn't got me into trouble before, but it's not terribly high, and this has occasionally been a source of friction in relationships.

2. If you couldn't be you anymore, and had to be someone on your f-list, who would you be?
Is it going to be drainboy, who writes AI for computer games? 0olong, off to do a PhD in neural networking? thishardenedarm - with a 4 year grant to investigate something he's already fascinated by? autopope beloved by SF geeks the world over? theferrett, beloved by a different cross-section of geeks (and an all round sex god)? Nope, because cool though they all are, I wouldn't actually swap my life for theirs. It's not even going to be spaj who gets to marry dapperscavenger in the near future (lucky bastard!). It's going to have to be mistersleepless, because much though he whines about the terrors that life inflicts upon him, he gets to wake up every morning and think "Hey, I'm Warren Ellis." and frankly, I could do with some of that :->
(Seriously - nobody. I may not be proud of my entire life, but there's not a person out there I'd swap it with)

3. You can have sex with anyone, living or dead, fictional or real. Who do you choose?
Assuming that dead people will, for the purposes of the sex, be at least temporarily alive...I'm actually fairly stumped. I'm less sexually motivated than most people, and no one person stands out of everyone else on the planet as a sexual goddess. And if they did, I don't think I'd want to actually have sex with them, because performance anxiety would _totally_ cripple me.
Having surrounded any possible answer with a lare wodge of caveatage I'm going to pseudo-randomly pick someone off my "hot women" list and choose Jewel Staite. Because she isn't in a single scene in Firefly where I'm not overcome with overwhelming "Oh My God, The Cuteness is Unbearable!"

4. What are most looking forward to/fearing about old age?
I'm looking forward to greater social acceptance of my unwillingness to put up with other people/social norms.
I'm not looking forward to my brain failing. I've grown attached to it, and the thought of it falling slowly apart, with me trapped inside, occasionally conscious of my senility, fills me with horror. If I have enough lead time I'm going skydiving without a parachute.

5. If you could relive one day of your life which day would it be?
I'm deliberately not taking this as "If you could change any one decision you made, what would it be?" because (a) there are a few and (b) most of those decisions were made in contexts that I couldn't change if I was just reliving one day over.
Bearing that in mind, and considering which individual days have been the most fun...
Faith No More, live at the Glasgow Barrowlands. Best concert I've ever been to. Alternatively, the day that tickets went on sale for the tour that Pink Floyd recorded Pulse from, because I'd love to have been there. If I could visit one day in history, I'm off to see Pink Floyd play The Wall live.

I believe it's now traditional to ask if anyone else would like 5 questions.