October 18th, 2006


A different shade of ill

There's a cold going around, and I was feeling pretty good about not having picked it up from one of the various people I know who've had it.

Until three o'clock this morning, that is, when I was wandering to the toilet and hit my bedroom door-frame.

Admittedly, I'm not at my most ept when I've just woken at 3am, but while brushing against the door clumsily on my past is fairly normal, smacking into it isn't.

Especially when I did the same with the bathroom door.

And then turned around, got a fairly horrific bout of dizziness from the spin, and realised that my inner ear is refusing to play ball.

On the one hand, this is fairly amusing, in a "watching myself from outside" kinda way.

On the other, I have so much work to do right now it's not true.

I'm _hoping_ that this is a short-term thing my body is in mid-fight with, and that I feel sufficiently better by midday to make it into work.

In the mean time, moving very slowly indeed and sitting/lying still seems to work. If I could teleport into the office I'd probably be fine.


Dizziness levels have dropped low enough that my guilt levels have overriden them - off to work for me! Definitely going to have a quiet night in tonight though.