October 11th, 2006

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While recognising the rights of people to wear whatever the fuck they like, my general reaction to women who choose to wear facial coverings is much the same as it would be if black people chose to wear symbolic chains on their wrists.
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While I'm talking about things I don't like

I have pretty much enjoyed Home on the Strange since it began, but the latest story line is pissing me off, as it basically consist of "Look - people making art I don't like! What a bunch of idiots! Don't they get that making art I don't like is pointless and stupid???"

Which is an attitude I despise nearly as much as "Look - people at a party talking about stuff I'm not interested in, how dare they have interests I don't care about? I bet they think they're cool, but actually they're not!" - which I bumped into a few weeks back on someone's journal.

If you don't like something, don't do it. If you're not interested in something, don't engage with it. If other people _are_ then that's something they should be _encouraged_ to engage with, rather than belittled for actually having an interest in something, just because it's not what you care about.
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Earlier on in the Veils post, myself and wolflady26 had a long argument over what turned out to be a misunderstanding. Not that unusual, to be honest, pretty much all arguments either boil down to either mismatched assumptions or misunderstandings. But as she says in her final response , she was then left unsure what my actual point was.

Which is understandable, because most opinion pieces consist of "Here is a thing. I do not like this thing. Here is what must be done at once to ever prevent it happening again!" and mine consisted of the first two parts of this trilogy, lacking a conclusive call to arms to round it off.

And that's because I don't have a solution to this problem. All I have is a situation I don't like. This is more and more common for me as I grow up. I no longer believe in easy fixes to many things - all I have is either complex solutions which frankly aren't terribly punchy ways to round off a post, or (as in this case) nothing at all.

It _is_ my belief that with enough time, education, openness, etc. women's lib will reach the places it hasn't yet - and this is something which is already happening with various movements across the Muslim world (and, so I hear, even in parts of the USA), but it's not something I really have any connection to. It's just something I fervently hope.

So yes, all I was really doing was whining - explaining to the world that here is a thing, and I do not like it. I am _delighted_ that numerous people responded, some agreeing, some not, because it is a terrifying thought to me that I might stop debating things with people around me, and thus stop being told what an idiot I am on a weekly basis - that way lies fossilisation of the brain. Which, I suspect, is the main point of me posting it at all, to see what you lot thought, and whether someone would hand me a persuasive argument that changed my mind.