October 4th, 2006

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Equal Pay

News here that companies have been told that length of service is _not_ a good enough reason to pay people more.

And, I have to say, about bloody time too.

True, longer service can lead to greater levels of experience and thus better productivity and usefulness from an employee - but it doesn't have to. If someone is being more productive/useful then they should be rewarded for that - paying them for length of service is jut a lazy way to avoid thinking about someone's actual contribution.

It also biases the system against women. It's very easy to justify paying women less when you can point out they've taken a year (or two) off to raise kids - but unless that has an actual, demonstrable affect on their levels of productivity, it's irrelevant.

A day for kicking things

Insomnia last night - and awake from 6:45 this morning, which is a good hour and a half earlier than usual. Today has been a fairly grumpy day.

Apologies to the various people I've quarreled with - while I stand by my general gists I've been over-vehement on several occasions.

Off now to make fish fingers - because you don't get much more comfort food than that - discover quite how bad Brother's Grimm is, and then hopefully get a better night's sleep.
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