September 19th, 2006


Back again

Back from Southampton yesterday, extremely tired from long journeys down, much unpacking and flights back. Which isn't to say that I didn't enjoy myself down there - Winchester (nearby) is beautiful, and the cathedral and environs are well worth a look.

Two stupid events occurred, one partially my fault, one entirely.

Firstly, we were down at B&Q, getting drills and garden furniture, and as Lilian reversed out of the parking space I noticed the space in front of us was open, so I waved at it and said "Why not go forward?" and without thinking, she did. Straight over a large concrete hump, leaving the front wheels _just_ touching the ground, no traction and a horrible scraping sound in our ears. Thankfully the recovery guy was _great_, didn't take the piss at all, put a wedge under the wheels and winched the car backwards, recovering it without any damage at all. I spent the hour we were waiting for him taking Lilian for a long walk, on which she calmed down by listening to the sweet sounds of me apologising a lot.

Secondly, I went in to work with Lilian on Monday morning, to help her get the last few bits of her email set up. I emptied out my rucksack so I could carry a few things in for her (like her smart shoes), and then when we got back home I just grabbed my suitcase, got into the car and we headed for the airport. It wasn't until I got off the plane in Edinburgh that I received a text from Lilian telling me I'd left a load of things on her bed. Including my Nintendo DS, the charger for my MP3 player and the manuscript for awdrey_gore's novel, which I managed to scribble on about 10 pages of in-between unpacking boxes (Oh - happy early birthday Miss Gore).

Work was pretty hard today - I did manage to track down an annoying validation bug I couldn't spot before I left last Wednesday, and I got a lot done, but there's still vast amounts to do - I'm hoping I can get the majority done tomorrow, but it's going to be pretty intense for a few days...

Oh, and I'm nowhere near caught up with LJ - if you've done anything exciting (except for flick and drplokta - I think I'm up to date there) then feel free to leave a comment.
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You have no anonymity here

Although, of course pseudonymity is fine.

I just just changed my LJ settings so that anonymous commenters aren't allowed. I did have it set to merely screen their comments, but I realised that without any kind of identification I was left (a) not knowing the social context of comments and (b) unable to reasonably reply, as they wouldn't get a notification that I'd done so.

So from now on, people can either email me or they can take the three minutes necessary to create an LJ account.

Doesn't seem so unreasonable.
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