August 23rd, 2006


Last night's concert

Tue 22/08/2006 21:06 Dusk over radiohead

Well that's cool - I posted that from my phone. Handy to remember for next time I'm at something - I can blog it in realtime!

Book Review: The Carpet Makers by Andreas Eschbach

Which, you have to admit, isn't a terribly inspiring title. Thankfully the book more than makes up for it, drawing me in so much that it's the quickest book I've finished in the last year.

The plot is simple - on a distant world there live the carpet makers, who each spend their whole life weaving a single carpet from the hair of their wives, forming incredibly ornate patterns from the diverse colours of the hair they choose their wives for. When they are old, and their carpet is finally finished, they sell it to a carpet merchant who carries it (along with others they have bought) to the spaceport, from where it is taken to the palace of the Emperor, to furnish it with the most amazing pieces of decoration they can make. Other worlds, they assume, furnish him with wine, glasswork, and other luxuries.
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