August 20th, 2006

calvin dancing

Guerre des étoiles

Up ar 8:30 this morning so that Bob could pick me up at 9:30, drive me to his place (via Tescos for snackage) and we could start watching Star Wars at 10:30 am.

Thirteen and a half hours later, at 11:56pm, we finished watching it. All 6 episodes, from the point there the Phantom Menace first loomed into view to the triumphant Return of the Jedi.

Actual thoughts to follow later, but what impressed dalglir and I the most was that it _works_. Six films made over twenty-eight years and when you watch it it actually forms a single story with repeated themes and motifs tying it all together. No matter what the problems and drawbacks (and don't get me wrong, there most definitely were some) as an achievement that's damned impressive.
House with a silly face

pre-birthday gaming

Today I went over to Hugh's and played boardgames with him, Meredith Rob, Clare, Neil, laserboy, surliminal, dalglir and dalglivk. I'd used my birthday as an excuse to get a few people over, and it turned out to be more than could comfortably play a single game at once. So in the end me, dlaglir, dalglivk and surliminal played Zombies for a couple of hours while everyone else played Arkham Horror. And then when laserboy, Rob and Clare had to go and the rest of us had a game of Settlers or Catan (which, as usual, I did badly at. Some day I shall work out what I'm doing wrong...)

In addition I got loads of phat lewt, including Green Wing series 1, Life on Mars series 1 and numerous books I've seen reviewed via my friends list recently. Now I'm home and exhausted - going to crash out in the near future.

Tomorrow is the penultimate part of my birthday, when marrog, adrenalineanima, tisme, eduard_green and Suze head to La Favorita with me for a nice meal. And then next Friday I'm off to Norfolk to spend a few days with my family, so they'll get to wish me a happy birthday too. Phew - suddenly it all seems like a lot of effort :->