August 13th, 2006


Bill Bailey

Was fantastic. Not 100% all the way through his act, but when he was on target he was amazing, and he was on target a lot.

Favourite bit was the first 20 minutes, for most of which I wanted to hit pause and go find thishardenedarm as we got a stream of consciousness about various philosophical topics in a hilarious style.

On the British obsession with celebrity, "We have this strange conflict, where we simultaneously say 'I want to be you.' and 'Who do you think you are?', leaving us with a strange loop of 'Who do you think I want to be?'"

Which lead onto his feeling about now being a celebrity, "I'm living vicariously through myself. When I'm asked whether I'd like tea or coffee I ask myself 'What would Bill Bailey choose?'"

I'd recommend you see it, only the tickets are all sold out.
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