August 7th, 2006



Three (or Four, depending on how you count) days in Cornwall with surliminal later, I'm back - with slightly sunburnt shoulders, sand in my rucksack, and slightly more sleep achieved than usual.

Eden Project was pretty (recommended if you like plants and geodesic domes, not if you don't), the beach was great (I played beach tennis, got knocked about by 3-foot waves and read lots of "Professional .Net Framework 2.0") and I had some very nice food, including duck in a strawberry sauce, which worked surprisingly well.

Back in the country since 3pm, and now dashing back out to play D&D over at Hugh's. Aaaah, it's a hard life.

eduard_green and tisme seem to have been looking after the place well (due to unfortunate circumstances tisme has to move out of her flat for a month while they replace joists with ones that aren't rotten, so she's kipping on the sofa and her cat Spike is engaging Denver in a mass glaring contest. Score is currently 176 - 144).

(Not even slightly caught on with LJ yet - if something exciting has happened in the last few days then do let me know).