July 18th, 2006


Sometimes I don't understand

I read this article about a person who took naked pictures of her children while camping, was suspected of Child Pornography, and then not charged.

And although the investigation seems to have been carried out somewhat brusquely, I really can't see what she's complaining about. They asked the kids if anything inappropriate had occurred. They asked teachers/friends about the children and the parents. They looked at the photos. They decided there was no case to answer. No charges were brought.

Maybe I'm a raving fascist, but if these are exactly the steps I'd _want_ followed in cases of suspected child abuse. Ask the children. Ask other potential witnesses. Look at the available evidence. What else can you do? How would you ever catch an actual abuser if you didn't do this?

I do agree that the initial suspicion was on very slight grounds, but they don't seem to have been treated at all badly. And yet the article is written in the style of someone whose been suibjected to terrible abuse.

Sometimes I just don't understand.