July 11th, 2006


If this is Tuesday it must be Gaming

Have just checked my social schedule for the last two weeks (and up to next Wednesday), it seems I've been doing more than I thought.

1st - Painted hall + flatwarming for John
2nd - Dad up - carried lots of stuff up stairs to Hugh's flat
3rd - Gaming at Hugh's
4th - Jackie over.
5th - over at Lilian's.
6th - Clare's play
7th - Mike up
8th - Babysitting for the first time +Final Dr Who with Lilian
9th - Walk with Mike + Hal's flatwarming
10th - Cinema with Erin
11th (Today) - Gaming at Hugh's
12th - Over to Lilian's
13th - currently free! Yay!
14th - POTC2 party at Erin's
15th - Flat-sorting + Superman with Lilian
16th - Very last of the flat sorting
17th - Erin over
18th - Meredith's Birthday
19th - Gaming at Bill's.

I hadn't actually realised that I haven't spent _any_ evenings at home by myself this month.

No wonder I'm exhausted.

Next month anyone that wants to see me has to come over to _mine_.
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