July 8th, 2006


Talk Talk Talk

Livejournal has now got its own IM server, running the Jabber protocol.

You can access it via Trillian or GAIM. I'm using Psi. Your username is your LJ username@livejournal.com and your password is your LJ password. All your mutual friends are automatically added to your friends list.

It's still in testing, so expect intermittent disconnections. Hopefully it'll get more reliable as time goes on...

More Jabber stuff

You can find the original announcement here. Which includes a list of clients known to work. I've switched to Pandion as a client, which seems to be a tad shinier and a little easier to use (not that there's much that can go wrong). I'll undoubtably try several out before settling on one.

The salient points are:
The server is livejournal.com
Jabber is designed to work with multiple servers - which is why my username is andrewducker@livejournal.com - that means that Google Chat users (which is also Jabber based) can contact me by adding that address to their contact ists (and vice versa). Google and Livejournal will then pass Jabber messages back and forth. This is true of any Jabber server, so people can feel free to add me from elsewhere.

Theoretically Jabber is the future of IM - it's an open, extensible protocol for Instant Messaging, where anyone can run a server. It's basically the IM equivalent of email or the web, unlike MSN, Yahoo or AIM, which are all proprietary networks owned end-to-end by a single corporation. Give it a go.

I only put it down for thirty seconds and when I came back there was a bear eating it!

I'm off to Hugh's place in a moment, where I shall be babysitting my nephew for the first time, as everyone else is off to watch Johnny Depp go Arrrr a lot. Yesterday was my introduction to nappy-changing and feeding, both of which went without a hitch. I shall of course panic a lot when I have to do this in real life, but Ed's going to come over and lend moral support, so I'm sure the panicking won't last for more than an hour or two.
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Looking after babies: Absolutely fine. Changed him, fed him (twice) and generally managed to not do any damage at all. Ed managed to get him to go to sleep, which was appreciated, but I managed him fine for the two and a half hours before that. I definitely don't want one of my own, but looking after someone else's for a few hours every so often isn't too much of a chore. Puppies are cuter though.

Dr Who: Dalek/Cyberman Smacktalk OMGSQUEE!

Visiting brother: have to be at Hugh's for 9am tomorrow to go for a walk. Am teh tiredness.

Sleep: Now.