June 29th, 2006



Left my hotel at 9:30 this morning, heading north after spending Wednesday at Alton Towers. Rob and Clare alternated driving on the wy back up, with me navigating for for whoever was in the hotseat and providing inane banter to keep them awake.

We were making _excellent_ time until they closed junction 36-37 of the M6, which sent us spiralling out of control in the direction of Kirby Lonsdale (don't ask) and thence onto roads that were basically paved pathways between huge hedges, until they miraculously joined back up into larger ones, finally leading us back to the motorway. All of which shenanigans cost us about 2 hours (well, it would have been 75 minutes but we stopped off for a lovely lunch in a nice pub along the way).

Finally made it to Stirling at 5pm, changed cars to Neil's so he could drop me off on his way home to Livingstone, and then discovered that his battery was completely dead. So I left him to phone the AA (with Rob's assistance) and leapt for the train home. Which got me home for 6:45, which is a _ridiculous_ amount of time to take to travel halfway up a teeny country.

Now knackered, but have loads of photos on the phone, and will retrieve them (and videos) over the course of this evening....
south park

Calling geekworld

I've tried burning DVDs with Nero and it's shit - converting from AVIs either leaves it blocky/jerky or the sound badly out of synch. Can anyone recommend a decent solution for converting AVI files to DVDs? (I can convert to MPEG fairly easily, if that helps)