June 21st, 2006


Not to be taken more seriously than you really want to

Following the news that Saddam Hussein's defence lawyer has just been shot dead I started to wonder why anyone would want a job that dangerous.

I then started to wonder why anyone would want to live in a place that dangerous.

And then realised that there was an answer so obvious that everyone's parents think of it. If they can't play with it safely, then they can't have it.

I propose we evacuate the entirety of Iraq, and that everyone has to go and live somewhere else for five years. Shias get to go live in Iran, Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, Kurds get shifted down to the end of Turkey (which will serve the Turks right).

They can have their country back when they've all agreed on a way to split it up, made up and given each other a big hug. And not a moment before.