June 19th, 2006

House with a silly face

Weekend Update

Because I know some of you actually care about my day-to-day movements...

Saturday - wallpaperer came round and told me it was going to cost £100 to strip and rewallpaper the front hall. Which is _great_, cos that's a fair bit less than I was willing to pay.

Then I headed off with 0olong to play Cthulhu at 2pm, which was a problem as it actually started at midday. I haven't made that kind of scheduling mistake in a while, and I even had the right time in my calendar and my email. Thankfully pisica didn't kill me off in advance, and the actual game was a nice bit of investigating, taking fairly seriously without being overly so.

Then we walked home through Holyrood park, which was delightfully sunny, admiring the stautary that's taken up residence there for the next year, and making it home in time to watch Dr Who (which has totally polarised opinions, very amusing to watch).

Sunday - spent largely with Lilian, first at an exhibit on Great Apes in the Royal Museum and then lazing around her flat and watching documentaries about the Inuit and Italy (not both at the same time, I believe there's a lack of Inuit _in_ Italy). She made the most delicious thing with Venison and Red Wine, and also had the latest All-Star Superman, whih rounded the day off nicely.