June 17th, 2006



Thanks to lee_lou2's advice I tracked down a wallpaperer (ok, it was her Dad, so no extra effort on my part required), and he dropped round today to take a look at my front hall.

Which will apparently take two days to sort, and is very reasonably priced.

Now I just have to sort out the hall carpet and I'm nearly ready to put the place on the market.
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The Doctor Who Dichotomy

I've realised what it is that bothers me about Dr Who.

It's that the emotional bits are aimed at an adult viewer while the plot and special effects are clearly from a BBC kid's TV series. When we got long chunks of one or the other I'm fine, but when it switches back and forth repeatedly (as happened a lot during the ending bits of todays episode) it causes cognitive dissonance.

I _like_ kids TV, cartoons, etc. And I like adult, emotional stuff. But the mode in which I watch each of them is very different, and trying to do both at once is something I find quite hard.