June 15th, 2006



A year or two back I saw Funny Kinda Guy, the story/documentary of Scottish singer-songwriter Simon de Voil changing gender from female to male. It was fascinating - not pefect, but still well worth a watch if you're interested in that somewhat unusual area of human experience. I asked the director at the time if it was going to be playing anywhere else, but sadly it's largely been playing in festivals in the US or Australia. However, I got an email from him letting me know it's playing this weekend at TransFabulous in London. Short notice, I know, but I figured I have a couple of friends down there that might be interested...
how big?


In conversation with channelpenguin yesterday, she said:
Any problems I have are entirely my own making - and entirely in my own power to solve. If I don't have that power - well then it really *isn't* my problem. Can't be. If you really cannnot do anything about something then it's not *yours* you just might think it is.
And, while I don't necessarily agree with it, it's stuck with me for about 20 hours so far, so I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

Sad, sad news

I prefer email to phone calls. I prefer laying things out clearly and simply in text to the confusion I tend to find myself in on long phone calls, where I can lose track of what I said a few minutes before.

Which means it is with great regret that I present this graphic:

and point people towards the accompanying text.

Which illustrates nicely that people can't get it right more than 3/4 of the time no matter what they do, but email definitely makes it worse.

This has, of course, been bourne out by my experience of work, where it's definitely the case that phone calls are better for actually agreeing things, but I always follow up with an email afterwards to make sure that there's agreement in writing (for the evidence trail).