June 10th, 2006



Cars doesn't really attract me as a movie - I'm sure I'll go to see it, and I'm sure it will be fun, but I don't have the same love for cars as the makers of the movie have.

On the other hand, the next movie from Brad "Iron Giant/Incredibles" Bird is due out in 2007, and _that_ one I'm looking forward to. Trailer here.

Redaction in Action

Chatting to octopoid_horror yesterday and he forwarded me bits of a BBC article that started

Gen Caldwell said Wednesday night was the first time US forces had "definite unquestionable information" they could strike the target without causing collateral damage to civilians.
and finished
They were followed "very shortly thereafter" by US ground forces, who "swept through the site and identified six persons that had been killed in that strike at that time". The dead included a woman and a child, and two others still to be identified.
Which makes sense only if you don't count Iraqi children as civilians.

I then popped over to the BBC to see this for myself. To find that some articles mentioned the child, but the one that he'd sent me the clipping from didn't. And then, when I went back to look at the article that mentioned the child it had been updated to read
On Thursday he said the six bodies included a child, but on Friday he said his information had changed. There were three dead men, three dead women, and no children.

All of which makes you wonder. It really does...

Video conversion question

My phone produces .3gp files when it takes videos. They're about 90k.

I can then convert them to quicktime files, also under 100k.

I can then convert them to .mp4 files which are around 170k.

But if I then convert them to AVI files they swell to 2MB.

What the hell is going on in there that takes up that kind of space? And is there any way I can stop it?

If anyone out there fancies taking a look, the files are up in 3gp format and quicktime format.

(It's Meredith with new baby, who is stretching cutely)
how big?

Inside I'm also not dancing

Was supposed to be dancing with spaj and dapperscavenger tonight, to celebrate the former's birthday. Sadly I got a phone call telling me he's feeling too old and tired to make it. Thank goodness for House on the Tivo to keep me going :->

On the other hand, this means I'll probably be out dancing next weekend instead, or whenever spaj is rejuventated.
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