June 8th, 2006


Taking each other too seriously

It's hard to tell what people really mean on the internet. Hard to tell when people are being totally serious, exaggerating for the sake of effect, or just taking the piss.

So, when I see people claiming that all those who like Big Brother should be rounded up and shot, or that this week's boy band should be crucified, or that pizza should only be made one way and that anyone doing it different doesn't deserve to eat, I tend to assume that they're going for the middle option. They're telling you how they feel, but they aren't being actually literal about it.

Because frankly, life's too short to take everything completely seriously, and if you can't relax and engage in hyperbole on _my_ journal then I might as well just call it a day right now.

So, next time someone announces that everyone that works in a call centre is a micro-encephalic chimpanzee, try to remember that the correct response isn't "I work in a call centre and I'm horrifically offended by your statement, how dare you?" but "Tell us more of the evil that has been inflicted upon you, so that it might both amuse and enlighten, acting as a lesson for the ages."

Or I'll hit you with a big stick, you bunch of simplistically literal bastards.