June 6th, 2006

calvin dancing

Updates of the baby-ish kind

Meredith up at 4am and vomiting, so off to the hospital. Home again by 6am, then back in again at 9am, at which point they seem to have become bored of playing table-tennis with her and just kept her in.

Apparently her waters have now been ruptured, she's high as a kite on morphine, and they've got her on a drip with oxytocin to speed things along.

In the meantime I've been for a tapas meal with Mum, Dad and Meredith's mother Pam, bumped briefly into Erin (who was on Leith walk visiting a friend of Jen's) and then wandered home, where Padmini is cheering me up from a small burst of tiredness-induced ennui I seem to have been hit by.

Calling all notzen.com members

I installed a new mail client at http://www.notzen.com/RoundCube - give it a go. It's pretty swish and uses all those nice modern buzzwords like AJAX to do kewl and funky stuff.

Of course you've still hot SquirrelMail and Horde installed, plus access to IMAP and POP should you be happier with a client (goodness knows I am).

(For those people that are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, notzen.com is a domain I run for a few friends - I charge £5 a year for an email address and some webspace and that pretty much pays for the domain between 20 of us.)