June 5th, 2006


In pre-lactatory news

My sister-in-law Meredith woke up this morning at 3:30am by what she thought were contractions - only they weren't painful enough to be what she'd read about.

At 5:30 they got painful enough, so she woke up Hugh.

At 7:00 they were frequent enough to head into hospital, where she was examined, told she wasn't dilated enough, and sent home.

At midday my parents organised flights from Devon to Edinburgh, to come see the blessed event (or at least the blessed aftermath, as I don't believe they'll be allowed into the even itself).

At 3pm I was phoned and asked "Would you mind being in at 8-ish, as that's when Mum and Dad are arriving and me and Meredith might be busy." - which was my introduction to the most recent series of events. Hugh _really_ likes to keep me in the loop.

And at 8:30 my parents actually arrived, with Hugh/Meredith still firmly at home, and me lazing about on their sofa fiddling with their Cable-TV DVR.

And eventually at 10pm I wandered home. I'm sure they'll be woken at 4am and have to go back into hospital then, but some of us have work in the morning.

I suspect I'll find out the gender via a comment on this post...