June 1st, 2006


The Andy guide to waking up in one hour (or occasionally slightly less)

1) Wake at 4:30AM, lie there for 3 minutes hoping you'll eventually stop wanting to pee, stagger to bathroom and back again. Go back to sleep.
2) Wake at 7:20, fumble for phone, discover that I have another ten minutes of sleep due to me. Spend seven of them trying to get back to sleep.
3) Wake from three minutes of sleep, fumble for phone and kill the alarm.
4) Check email on the phone for 10 minutes while body regains the ability to sit up.
5) Read in bed for 15 minutes while body regains the ability to stand.
6) Get out of bed, turn computer on, wander to bathroom while booting occurs.
7) 8:00 - sign on to MSN. Realise that nobody else is online, with the possible exception of marrog, who hasn't gone to bed yet.
8) Spend half an hour reading stuff posted while I was asleep. Feel gratified for the existence of Americans.
9) Eventually feel up to walking more than 10 feet. Get dressed.
10) 8:30 - Go to work

Note - actual start time varies depending on when I have to be at work. Most days I aim for 10AM but today I'm aiming for 9AM so I can leave an hour earlier than usual so I can make it to gaming by 5PM, so that Rob can go home early as he's on early shifts which means he's up at 5:30AM. Getting up two hours after him is the least amount of effort I can put in.
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