May 28th, 2006


Equality or prosperity?

Which is more important?

Everyone has at least X pounds, but some people have massively more than that
Everyone has less than X pounds, but nobody has any more money than anyone else

Yes, I know it's a simplification, but if these were the two options, where would you stand - should we allow massive inequality if it means that overall wealth also rises, or is inequality inherently wrong?

Why Andy shouldn't design things

I vastly prefer reading light text on a dark background - something I discovered when using MS Word in its "White Text on a Blue Background" mode many years ago. I find it much easier on the eyes.

This has led onto my habit of selecting text while I'm browsing so that the colurs invert to ones I find easier to read. And eventually to my current redesign of my journal colours. Which isn't total (I've left a lot of the colours at default), but has taken most of the colours and made then light text on a dark background. It doesn't look in any way pretty (especially with some of the background colours still being light), but it's definitely easier on my eyes.

And because it works better than before it will undoubtably stay like this until I can be arsed to actually finish it off. Which means it will remain ugly for the forseeable future.

And, of course, it's taken me longer to write this than it would have done to just fix it.


To-Do lists

I currently use Yahoo's To-Do lists as a notepad - somewhere to keep lists of books I mean to buy, etc. I mostly use this because my phone synchs with it (as well as the calendar, phonebookx, etc.)

What I don't have is a decent to-do list system.

What I'd like is a to-do system that allows me to have tasks, group subtasks (and sub-sub tasks) within them so that only the current things I have to do appear, defer tasks until a specific date (so that ones where I'm waiting until something else happens don't appear on my list until that date has passed), attach notes to each task and works via the web (so I can access it from work and home).

Any suggestions?
how big?

Anyone here want to admit to culinary slumming?

Before she departed on her epic journey to PloktaCon e: The Hungering surliminal generously left me a two-pack of chicken kievs (having bought them in a two for one offer). I went to cook them this evening and discovered that the instructions are, of course, on _her_ pack.

So following consultation with dapperscavenger, trashcanglam and lee_lou2 I've stuck them in at gas mark 6 (about 200C, 400F) for half an hour, in the hope that this produces something edible.

Bearing in mind that none of these were certain and Mr Glam is a vegetarian, anyone out there care to advise me that I'm about to burn them/die of food poisoning?
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Living in the When?

Living in the pure focussed moment when trying to drive around a complex track and shave 0.3 seconds off your lap time: Absolutely essential.

Thinking about the tricky bit of track just around the next corner without losing track of the tricky bit of track you're actually on and crashing into a wall: Extremely difficult.

Writing an LJ post about the inherent difficulty of living in both the now and the future and the necessity of doing both while simultaneously trying to not make a complete arse of the track you're practising: Bloody stupid.


I find LJ great for getting thoughts out of my head. Once they're here, pinned to the internet, I don't feel the need to actually think about them and can get on with what I'm actually doing.

Maybe some day I'll get my whole head emptied out into the luminiferous aether and will be able to maintain a state of action without thought.

lady face

And that's enough of that

Rather tired following tisme's and 0olong's party last night followed by being up for breakfast made by the lovely adrenalineanima this morning. Bumped into all sorts of people I hadn't seen in ages, chatted about complete nonsense and managed to get home for 2pm. Which isn't even to mention the chocolate fight between two cute women at around 1AM.

Today spent (following breakfast) in lying around the flat, reinstalling software so I can get back to some coding, sorting out the colour scheme for the journal (which I'm now much happier with), washing clothes for tomorrow and then washing bedclothes. I just finished remaking the bed and Denver is frolicing around on it at the moment, bouncing from pillow to sheet and back via the humps of duvet.

Which means it's probably time to actually _go_ to bed. I hope you all had a good weekend too. Tomorrow I start with my new team at work, on the Nexus Project (honestly, with a project name like that you'd think I worked for The Umbrella Corporation - try saying it in a deep voice). I'm looking forward to it, but have no idea what I'll really be doing beyond the words "C#" and "GUI". Oh, the excitement.