May 21st, 2006


Weekend of Nerdy Doom!

Having finished Friday night at 2AM, installing a few games here and there taking longer than you might think.

Saturday I was up at 9am to organise the ferrying of myself and George out to Adam's place in Bathgate. Bob picked us up at midday and (after a stop at PC World for some ethernet cable, headphones and a new mouse for me) we ended up at Adam's at about 2PM.

Setting up the network was harder than you might think - largely because while I'd brought an 8-port hub we were in two rooms and that hub could only cover one of them. Which meant that we ended up trying to use a router as a hub. This proved to be a huge pain in the arse because it refused to be told not to do anything clever (like act as a router, thereby splitting the network into two). I eventually managed to persuade it to act dumb and just pass packets, and we got to work about 3:30.

The main game of the weekend ended up being Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War, largely because it was easily made to work on all the machines, it was old enough to not kill Bob and George's old laptops and Rob, Neil, Ronnie and Adam had all played it before. I played quickly through the tutorial and we all got set up...just in time for Dr Who to come on, at which point we lost half the players. This did, however, give me George and Bob a chance to practice against each other.

The rest of the evening was spent playing this until we lost Bob to his wife (about 8PM when he set off to pick her up from her shift at the hospital) at which point we switched to Battlefield 1942 for a bit. Which was great fun - especially the Berlin map.

I finally bowed out at 3:30AM, leaving most people still clicking away - about to start playing Command& Conquer: Generals. I awoke at 9AM to find Bob practicing this, having been completely trashed the night before because he couldn't work out how to build things properly. Bob returned around 10AM and we got a final couple of games in before 1PM, when we packed up and headed back for Edinburgh.

Where me, Neil, Rob and George were due (at 2:30) at Hugh's place for the weekly D&D session (we'd been unable to find a day this week which we could all make, and this session was likely to be the last for a while, as Meredith will be giving birth sometime in the next 10 days). We all valiantly stayed awake long enough to talk our way out of trouble with lizard men, kill some kobold bandits and find some clues about who, exactly, is destroying grain shipments going down the river (no idea _how_ though).

And then, at 6PM I headed back home, where I cleaned the cat litter, washed up, hung up washing so I have stuff to wear to work, put the computer back together, installed Trackmania again, and played that for a bit (in between chatting to Khi and persuading the cat that she couldn't sleep on my lap for more than half an hour as my leg had gone to sleep).

Speaking of sleep, I really need some, so it's an early night for me. Hope your weekends were as much fun as mine...