May 20th, 2006


As in the late Andrew Ducker

Eventually found the XP disk at 10:30 and installed it onto HD two. Worked perfectly, except that I had to boot back into the old install to download drivers for the motherboard (and network card).

Now have Thunderbird, Firefox, Semagic, AVG and Steam installed, with CS: Source merrily downloading.

Advantages of online installers - I've lost my Quake4 booklet, complete with install key, which makes installing it somewhat problematical. On the other hand, I downloaded Steam, entered my user name/password and I now have access to HL2 again. Perfect!

Now, if I can manage to avoid the temptation to install loads of shite on this partition maybe I can keep it running smoothly...

Sea dreams are made of this

Dreamt last night that Jed Bartlett was the result of a hot-house experiment similar to the one Tom Strong went through. Oh, and that he played country music when growing up. Which was odd.

And I just watched the trailer for the never-to-be-seen Aquaman TV series. Which had a couple of nice ideas but the acting wasn't there at all. Ving Rhames seems to be very, very good at saying lines as if he has no idea what they actually mean, a talent he also put to good use in MI:3.