May 19th, 2006


Common misconceptions about Andy (#76 in an ongoing series)

I've been accused before of being addicted to helping lost causes.

And there's some truth in that.

I've also been that that's because I enjoy it, that I'm only happy when people are dependent on me.

And that's not even slightly true.

In fact I loathe people being dependent on me - I feel trapped and stressed by it.

I don't mind helping people out with the occasional thing - being able to help someone out with a problem is fine by me - I'd like my friends to be happy after all.

But I don't feel good from helping them - I just stop feeling bad for the fact that they have a problem.

I see unhappy people, people who aren't unable to cope, people in pieces, and it tears me up inside.  I feel their pain and I'll do pretty much anything to make it stop.

And _that's_ my problem.

Calling all Techies

I'm looking for a portable photo viewing device.  Something under £100 that can store loads of photos and display them on a decent sized screen.

Something, in fact, a bit like this, only actually in stock in this country.

Any suggestions?


Plan for this evening:
1) Come home
2) Install new hard drive
3) Install XP on new hard drive
4) Install games and other software for LAN party tomorrow on said hard drive

Plan did _not_ involve two hours of tearing apart the flat looking for my Windows XP disk.

Which could be _anywhere_.

The annoying thing being that I know where it was before Ed tidied up - but he's away for the weekend, with no telephone contact...